Patient Outreach and Engagement

Patients are enrolled in the automated patient outreach program. Care plans are assigned to their record based on chronic conditions and other risk factor. Health data is ingested through multiple inputs and analyzed in the cloud. Through machine learning VitalCare can proactively determine to reach out to the patient for further analysis.

Patient responses are analyzed through machine learning and alerts are updated in the medical record. Escalation protocols are predetermined based on the care plan and appropriate action can be take by nurses, physicians, and other health care practitioners and specialists

  • Patient Outreach and Monitoring
  • Identify High-Risk Patients
  • Manage Notifications and Contacts
  • Track Follow-Up Actions
  • Reduce Readmissions and ER Visits
  • Aggregate Population Health Data

Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

VitalCare’s integrated platform monitors for falls and tracks critical vital signs in real-time, pushing data to care teams remotely. Response times and risk preventions are easily managed from a single smart device platform.

  • Alerts and triggers for monitoring when vital signs fall out of range
  • ADL’s – awake time alerting, skipped meals, toilet usage
  • Fall detection and alerting with optional emergency alert call center
  • SOS panic alert button for manual emergencies
  • Emergency voice call out
  • Family connect offers peace of mind for families
    who receive customizable alerts 

Independent Living – Aging In Place

10,000 Americans are turning 65 each day. VitalCare delivers solutions that ensure care plan compliance, promote movement and healthy lifestyles, enable family participation and peace of mind, and help keep seniors safe, happy and healthy at home.

  • Fall detection and wellness wearables for real-time data anywhere
  • Gamification of step count, calorie count, and nutritional data encourage patients and promote self care
  • Family connect app for remote viewing of safety and wellness from any smart device
  • Historical and real-time views of critical vital signs