Digital Solutions Transforming Connected Health

A cloud-based platform that improves patient health and wellness through connected care. Additionally it lowers costs, improves outcomes and promotes self-care through proactive remote monitoring and user engagement.

  • Patient vital signs are collected and monitored through connected devices. Data is sent to the platform & accessed through a mobile app.
  • Providers have real-time access to patient health data.
  • Care plans are adjusted and can be shared with specialists. Data is analyzed to show trends and indicate warning signs.
  • Both patient and provider can choose to share information with family or social networks, helping better manage overall health in and out of the hospital.
  • 3rd party integrations improve care across the continuum.

Full Range of Remote Monitoring and Telehealth 

Superior RPM Platform that provides High Engagement includes:

• Vitals displayed on tablet or smart phone

• Configurable based upon disease state.

• Bluetooth connectivity and manual inputs

• Vitals

• Nutrition

• Telehealth

• Surveys

• Messaging between patient and health care provider

Telehealth with RPM Data Display included in Platform
 Save time… Save lives
Telehealth is seamlessly integrated into the Prism Care® platform. RPM vitals data is displayed in real time during calls. These calls can be requested through the app by the patient and initiated by the healthcare provider. All telehealth visits and time are recorded by the system as part of the integrated billing and reporting system. The provider can also record the calls if desired.

• Prism Care® accepts a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices that pair easily with the platform via a one-touch set up.

• Manual data entry is also available.

• Data is displayed on the patient’s device, on the admin screens.

Onboards new patients to RPM

• Education and device set-up

• Monitors patients through RPM platform

• Contacts patients regularly through phone calls, in-app messaging and email

• Escalation based upon clinical protocols

• Comprehensive patient education

• Patient monitoring timeslip data, telehealth data and more integrated Into the Prism Care® billing system

• Remittance to payment reconciliation

• Fully automated and highly accurate Dashboard with current collections and payment information

A Comprehensive Digital Care Platform
Transforming Connected Health

  • Vital Signs Monitoring

  • Prism Care® User Portal

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Prism Care® Telemedicine

  • Patient Engagement Center

  • RPM Billing Services

Prism Care Services…We make RPM simple.

Digital platform for monitoring vitals, patient messaging, surveys and much more.

Patient onboarding, Vitals monitoring and adherence to escalation protocols.

Fully automated billing system that virtually eliminated errors and speeds payments.