CMS Codes for
Remote Patient

CPT Code 99453
Set up $19

Provides a one-time reimbursement averaging $19 for the initial setup and patient education on the RPM device(s)/technology. 

CPT Code 99458
Additional 20 min. $42 

For reimburse for subsequent 20-minute intervals of RPM services provided by clinical staff, physician, or QHCP spent above and beyond the initial 20 minutes in a calendar month indicated for CPT Code 99457.

CPT Code 99454
Devices $63

For the supply of the device or devices to be used in monitoring the patient and is reimbursable at an average of $63 on a monthly recurring basis for as long as monitoring is in effect. 

CPT Code 99457
Monitoring $51

Requires that a physician, QHCP, and/or clinical staff spend an aggregate of 20 minutes of time during a calendar month monitoring and analyzing patient data, interacting live with the patient, and making treatment changes as necessary. Average reimbursement is $51