The Turnkey Solution for Assignment of Transitional Care Patients

The Virtual Primary-Care Connection (TVP-Care) provides single-source Home-based Primary care: to seniors, the chronically ill, and veterans, through direct personal contact and all available healthcare technology through our call center, staffed with certified personnel. We ensure that our patients’ holistic needs are met allowing them to live at home with dignity.

We partner with Prism Care to deliver Remote Patient Monitoring, a key component to tracking patient health and escalation protocols.


WHY TVP-Care? 

A significant portion of discharged patients do not have a
referring healthcare provider or primary care provider. TVP-Care is a resource for assistance in transitional care for these patients at the difficult transition from in hospital care back into the vulnerable real life setting. This results in superior care for the patient and lower readmission rates for the hospital.

Establishing a standard practice of assigning TVP-Care as the primary care provider for hospital discharged patients needing transitional care management who do not have an assigned PCPs will:
• Improve patient QOL
• Reduce hospitals exposure to CMS penalties for readmissions
• Add transition care managment at no charge to the hospital

Assigning TVP-Care’s PCP to oversee the patient care immediately upon hospital discharge provides superior patient monitoring and support.

• No lag time from hospital discharge to transitional care at home

• Integration of care with our RPM partner Prism Care™

• Use of professionally staffed Patient Engagement Call Center

• Apply Telemedicine/Telehealth

• Apply CMS and medically approved RPM parameters

Your Partner for Superior Transitional Care Management

How we benefit the hospital

We reduce hospital 30-day readmission rates through integrated services of PCPs, Telemedicine and RPM improved quality of life for patients, thereby mitigating the hospital’s risk for penalties. There is no charge to the hospital for TVP-Care services.

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